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“We do not intend to Define Quality;
we let our Customers do it for us

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GET AS INTERNATIONAL PLC is incorporated in 1994. The company in a relatively short period since its incorporation has grown a rack record of growth. It is now one of the leading importers of food items in Ethiopia. Get-As International plc, as a parent company holds different sister companies under its umbrella.

Its Trading and Import lines are:-

  • Construction Materials - Timber, Deformed bars, Coils and Corrugated sheets.
  • Food Items - Vegetables cooking oils, Ghee, Soya beans oils, Coconut oil, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Shortening, Yeast, Tomato paste, Ketchups, Biscuits and Juices.
  • Household Items - Safety matches, Batteries

    --> Deteregents:
  • Toilet soaps laundary soaps, washing up powder.
  • Stationary items: Exercise books (32, 50, 100 sheets), spiral shorthand note books, duplicating & photocopying papers
  • Tires - Different Sizes and brands

The company's strong success is also attributed to its transport operation. The transport division holds over 80 dry fleet cargos under its operation. These fleet cargos under its operation. These fleets are used both for internal operations as well as external services in the growing transportation market in the country. Its fully equipped garage with technicians readily on stand by means that services are not disrupted.


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