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“We do not intend to Define Quality;
we let our Customers do it for us

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Dugda Floriculture Development PLC is one of the leading flower farm in Ethiopia. It is Located 55km from the capital, in a town of Debrezeit which by far flourishing in floriculture production. During its short existence since 2005, it has astonished many by its quality product and market all over Europe, Russia, Middle East and Far East.  The farm lies on the total of 36 hectare off which 24 hectare Green house and 8 hectare other facilities. Currently Dugda Floriculture is producing 14 varieties, with the aim reaching 16 by the end of 2011. 

The Farm is equipped with national certificate; Code of practice, Bronze and International certificates, MPS A, MPS SQ and know it member of FFP (Fair Flower Fair Plant) to assure sustainable cultivation; low impact on the environment and good working condition within the farm


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